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The taste was good but the texture odd. When it was first baked the crust was so hard, it was hard to cut through. The part on top of the crust was fairly moist so after it had sat for about 1 1/2 days it was finely easy to cut through the crust due to the moisture from the top part softening it and then it was easier to eat. My guys didn't like it when it was fresh since they said the crust was too hard but once it softened they said it was fine. I know I didn't bake it too long since I baked only 25 minutes in my oven. Not sure what happened. I wondered about the flour sugar ration since 1 to 1 is high so I am guessing that for some reason the botton crust carmelized a bit during baking. So when fresh we didn't enjoy. After it had ripened it was much better. So I only give it 3 stars since it seemed to behave oddly.

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teapotter January 13, 2006

These definitely lived up to what I have come to except from Kitten. I was a little worried about the crust and was temped to add additional butter but fought the urge. The recipe was reduced by half and I decided to line the pan with foil to facilitate removal and clean-up. The moisture from the wet ingredients was plenty and the crust was deliciously tender. The brown sugar was Splenda Brown Sugar Blend and plain yogurt took the place of the sour cream. I did use the full amount of cinnamon. These were lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar before serving.

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PaulaG November 05, 2006

This dessert was yummy! The apple cake part was moist and delicious and the crust was crisp and tasty! I served it with vanilla ice cream and it made a great combo. Thanks for the recipe Kittencal!

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Karamia September 21, 2005
Sour Cream Apple Squares