Sour Cream and Onion Popcorn or Snack Shaker (Copycat)

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5 mins
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when i google "how to make powdered sour cream" i get a page to patent my idea. i think that's a bad sign. this is my logic, it may or may not work. if you try it let me know how it went! i would use pre-made powdered sour cream but it's about $35 plus shipping for one tin. i think not.

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  1. stir all together.
  2. adjust for taste and put in a shaker container.
  3. add liberally to buttered popcorn, chips, crackers, whatever.
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I made homemade pretzels this afternoon and my son wanted some of "that sour cream and onion stuff like the pretzel place in the mall." I searched and found this recipe. I thought it tasted great - and my son gave it a thumbs up. Thanks for posting.

This reminded me of the chips with vinegar.Powdered buttermilk might give it a different flavor.

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Sensational! I skipped the powdered milk and just sprinkled on, so my ratio of dill (fresh) and vinegar was probably a lot more. Loved the flavor.