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I wish I could find a way to make this a 2-part review. The meatloaf was tasty, but the frosted outcome was a real disappointment. I think the recipe leaves us to our own devices more than it should. There was no mention of whether to use instant mashed potatoes or real ones, nor was there any mention of how to prepare them. I researched this, found quite a few similar recipes at other sites & picked one. My guests & I were standing around waiting for the potatoes to brown & it never happened. They did get crusty, but stayed a canary yellow color (due to the egg yolk I assume)! I wish I could figure out what I did wrong. My guests liked the meatloaf, but agreed that it was not esp pretty to look at. Maybe I just need to experiment till I get it right. :-)

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twissis December 11, 2006
Souperior Frosted Meatloaf