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I'll give it 4 stars for the actual banana bread. But the overall was only worth a 3. The bread was good, with the orange flavors, but the glaze was um...well..next time I wouldn't make it. For starters, it boiled over my pan--twice. Once in a small pan and again in a large pan! I knew I was in for trouble when the recipe said to put a lid on it raise the heat and boil for 3 minutes. The recipe actually made quite a bit of a praline-type sauce thicker than what I would call a "glaze". Even with the spillovers, I ended up with over a cup of sauce that was so sweet and thick you wouldn't want to use very much. If I were to make the glaze again, I would only make a half batch unless you want a lot of leftovers to drizzle over ice cream or something.

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Sharlene~W February 26, 2007

What a great bread! Wonderful rich flavor and texture and I adore the sauce. A real indulgence! The orange juice and zest really add pizzazz. It will replace my previous recipe! Thanks for sharing.

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windywood August 20, 2005
Soul Food Banana Cake