Souffled Crepes With Apple Caramel Sauce

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READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by Dreamgoddess

This is one of my adopted recipes. I'll submit any modifications to the recipe when I prepare it.

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  1. To make the crepe batter, beat the sugar into the egg and add a little milk.
  2. Incorporate the flour and thin with the rest of the milk.
  3. Allow to stand and they fry in gently foaming butter.
  4. This makes about 8 crepes- choose the best 4.
  5. Make a half quantity of creme pat in a small pan and allow to cool.
  6. To make the fruit filling cook the apple and caster sugar together with 1tbsp water over a low heat until they start to soften.
  7. Set aside.
  8. Beat the egg whites and sugar together to form a stiff peak, set aside.
  9. To make the apple caramel sauce boil the apple juice until reduced to approximately 100ml.
  10. When ready to serve, place a tablespoon of the apple filling in the centre of each crepe and 2 tablespoons of the creme pat.
  11. Fold over and once again to make a triangle.
  12. Pipe the meringue into each of the folds and place onto a greased tray.
  13. Bake in a preheated oven, 250C, for 7 minutes until the meringue starts to brown.
  14. Flood 4 plates with the apple caramel sauce and top with a crepe, dust with icing sugar and serve immediately.

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