Sos ( Creamed Beef) the Real One

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Prep 0 mins
Cook 15 mins

this is my fathers recipe he was an army cook for many years try this sos its what you were served in the americian military.

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  1. brown the beef do not drain the grease is needed for the gravy.
  2. sprinkle the flour over the beef to coat it.
  3. add the garlic powder.
  4. slowly stir in the milk keep stiring or you get lumps until thick add more or less milk to desired thickness.
  5. serve over toast add more garlic powder or garlic salt if like.
  6. enjoy and be at ease.


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I haven't cooked your's, but when I was going through I thought I would see if anyone made it the way I was raised to make it, and I found your's. My father adds an onion to the ground beef while it's cooking, I had never done that before, but his is really flavorful that way, it's nice to see good ol' fashioned SOS is still around, my kids just love it, and boy does it stretch when you don't have much in the fridge. My husband likes his on potatoes, I told him that's not "S" on the shingles, that's "S" on the snowy mountain top, I won't have mine with anything but toast. I'm glad you posted it this way, I was going to if I didn't find anyone else who did. ;O)

candi hurst June 27, 2008

This is an excellent recipe, just need to mention to cook the flour and beef for a while to blend the taste before adding the milk. mmmmmmm just like my navy cook used to make. congrats.

Joe/Doc June 18, 2015

Boy does this bring back memories, my Dad served in the Navy and Mom used to make this for him all the time as he loved it and what a great way to stretch a dollar when they were raising 5 girls. The only thing she did differant was used a jar of dried beef and that's what I did as it's what I had. We always had it over toast, YUM!! But DH wanted biscuits so that's what I did using recipe#238085 so simple and so good, thanks for posting and bringing back some great memories. Oh and when using the chipped beef, no need for salt as it's salty enough

Bonnie G #2 August 18, 2011

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