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Prep 1 min
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After using DeSouter's Sore-and-strep-throat-away Gargle I decided to combine two great old time home remedies. I was glad this worked well for me. Hope it works for you and yours too!

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  1. Mix all together in a coffee cup until dissolved.
  2. Gargle and repeat!
  3. Make a new batch for each use and use every hour or so for about two days if you have strep or until you feel better if you just have a plain old sore throat.
  4. Feel better!
Most Helpful

This works. I may not have gone by exact amounts. I use sea salt and organic apple cider vinegar. It stopped a sore throat in in tracks. From experience this works fine without salt too and I don't like the taste so I will just use the vinegar myself but I do make it for DH this way.

UmmBinat January 11, 2011

This works like a charm for sure. It's very strong, think S&V chips on overload...! It needs to be that strong to work though. Even after one batch, my throat felt immediately better. I love Braggs ACV too, mixed with sea salt - great! Thanks for sharing!

magpie diner July 02, 2010

I use Bragg's Vinegar all the time. It works wonders for a sore throat. This is much better than any store-bought remedy and much cheaper, too. Thanks for the tip.

Mimi in Maine September 13, 2009