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I've been doing this for years. I'm glad you posted it! It really helps! Sometimes, If I have a lot of mucus in my throat, I gargle the vinegar straight, swallow a bit, and wait a few minutes. Then, drink some water. That's just for the stubborn stuff though. Everyone should know about this.
It can knock out heartburn too if you drink the vinegar with water and honey.

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GrillGirlie March 30, 2011

Had plans for the next day but my throat hurt so bad, I knew I'd have to cancel plans and see a doctor instead if my throat didn't improve. I had tried gargling with salt water earlier, but that didn't do a thing. As a last resort, I started this gargle in the early evening and used it about every 1/2 hour til bedtime. The following day I felt great with just a very slight sore throat. I will definitely keep this recipe and use it at the first sign of sore throat from now on. Thank you so much DeSouter!

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Okra December 09, 2008

I joined this site just to give this five stars. Six hours ago, I was in agony. Swallowing was a painful chore. I've just a lump in my throat, and will continue treatment until that is gone. I can't thank the recipe poster enough for sharing, and thank the reviewers for giving it such accolades, prompting me to try it. Miracle cure, for sure!

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Smalls3176 December 03, 2010

CAUTION: Works great! I have used this for years.... but after you gargle be sure to rinse out your mouth getting the vinegar off your teeth. Vinegar is has a natural acid in it that can bother the enamel on your teeth. When I rinse I spit out leaving the vinegar in my throat so it can work but rinsing the rest of my mouth.

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lanijerr December 02, 2011

This is the solution! I recently got strep throat as an adult and have not had it since I was a teeanger. I too joined this site to give this remedy a review. I found this on the web last night and started later in the evening gargling and drinking the mixture. This morning I feel awesome! I not only feel like I can eat and drink normally again but I have a lot of energy! I prefer natural and holistic methods to healing. Tomorrow I am cancelling my doctor's appointment and am glad I am back to my energetic self. Feeling renewed! Wish I could give this 10 stars! ;)

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ojibway7 November 06, 2011

Thank you for sharing this wonderful remedy with us. While it didnt cure my infection it certainly made me feel better.

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Lalaloula October 06, 2010

I had the mother of all bad colds. And, to make it worse I had to work through it all. Initially I had to use use regular grocery store apple cider vinegar because I didn't have the "mother" kind at hand. My throat was so bad I was sure I would need to get an antibiotic. I'm not kidding when I say about 10 minutes after the first time using this I felt much better. It felt like it was taking the infection and inflamation away. I've been healed faster than I've ever been before without taking an antibiotic. Since then I've gotten the version with the "mother" in it and have been taking that. Many many thanks for posting!!!

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Seashorewalker December 31, 2009

6 oz = 3/4 cup. Make sure you use the good stuff (with the mother in it) from a health food store. This is such a good remedy! DH and I were getting bad sore throats so we tried this rather than gargling salt and water (which you don't swallow). The next morning I felt a lot better! I did take it at least once an hour. I dont think there is anything like it! Go natural for sure, use this!! I don't find it tastes really bad like some. Thanks a lot. I will definitely turn to this if I need to again.

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UmmBinat May 20, 2009

I wasn't sure about this. It sounds too simple--just vinegar & water to fix a sore throat??!! Yet, I was thrilled to find how well this really works! It's VERY important to use real apple cider vinegar with the mother in it. I use Bragg's vinegar. I've used this multiple times & it works GREAT!! What a great, CHEAP remedy for a sore throat! Thanks!!!!

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Cookin'ontheFly December 31, 2008

I'm submitting this rating on behalf of my husband. He's the one that had the sore throat. His first use , literally , changed the sound of his voice from froggy , to not half bad LOL He had a scratchy/sore throat one day , used this method , and his throat was great the next day!! This is a FABULOUS remedy , much better than having to buy OTC meds that don't always work and are so expensive! Thanks so much for posting this great relief!! :)

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Marlene. November 01, 2008
Sore-and-strep-throat-away Gargle