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Outstanding colorful parfait. All the things I love fruit, lemon sorbet and asti spumate I couldnt find any lemon sorbet so I made some, the sorbet had lemon zest and I found it enhanced the fruit so much and seemed to balance the sweetness of the asti spumante. Not only great for everyday but for a special event as well! Thanks Annacia.

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Calee March 10, 2007

Wonderful!! We are not big on "sweets" but we do like sorbet, and fruit, so this was PERFECT for us! I had everything needed on hand, but the Asti Spumante. So, I sent DH to the store while I was making dinner, and we had these for desert. I try not to change up a recipe that I am reviewing to rate, but in this case I did leave out the cantaloupe. I had both honeydew, and a small seedless watermelon in my fridge, because I love them.But I don't really like cantaloupe much, so I skipped it. But this was excellent even without it! I adored this and will have it again very soon.I loved drinking the Spumante and melted sorbet when the melon was gone. Thank you,thank you, Annacia this is a winner for us!

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Bert's Kitchen Witch March 10, 2007
Sorbet-Melon Parfaits