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I like this salad because it is tasty, simple to make, and calls for few ingredients. I wasn't familiar with it, however, until my husband and I recently spent 4 weeks in the Czech Republic. Now we have it for lunch about 6 times a week. Several of the Sopsky salads that were served to us in the C.R. came with a small amount of what tasted like a vinegar/sugar solution in the the bottom of their bowls. I liked this addition, so I have added it to my Sopsky salads. Put some granulated sugar into a small bowl, or use a sugar subsitute such as Splenda. Then I add a small amount of white vinegar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. I generally use only one half of a green pepper (chopped), 2 Roma tomatoes (chopped)and 1/2 to 1/3 of a cucumber (partly skinned & chopped)for the two of us, putting them into the vinegar/sugar solution as they are cut up. Adding a small amount of water (not too much)to cut the acid of the vinegar and the sweetness of the sugar is optional. Depends upon whether you like the tart-sweetness of the vinegar/sugar solution. When I serve the salad, I crumble Feta cheese over the top of the vegetables and spoon the vinegar/sugar solution over them. Joje

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Joje in Oklahoma City, OK, United States September 11, 2007

I am still making the ?opsky Salad that we first became acquainted with while vacationing in the Czech Republic. (See my review of September 11, 2007) Only now, instead of white vinegar which has too sharp of a taste, I am using Balsamic vinegar. I use approximately 1/4 cup of Balsamic vinegar to which I add a sweetener, such as sugar or Splenda, or a combination of the two. If desired, a little water may be added to this, also. I read in my Reader's Digest Magic Foods, © 2008 paperback, pg. 32, that "Pucker Power" or the addition of acetic acid, "the sour-tasting compound that gives that characteristic taste to vinegar, pickles, and sourdough bread acts like an anchor, and keeps your blood sugar from rising too high." My husband and I are still eating this salad. We have it 5 or 6 times a month.

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Jojemo June 27, 2014

Super easy, very tasty salad! My guests loved it and everyone asked for the recipe. I only added a little salt and pepper to season. The fresh feta cheese made the salad moist, soft, and very tasty. There is no need to add oil or mayonaise to this salad - it's perfect as is!

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Sirena November 03, 2007

I wouldn't normally think that simply adding feta would give this such a nice taste but it really did. I used all green peppers (because the colored ones were horrifically expensive) and fat free feta. A really summery tasting salad that was more filling than I would have expected. One we'll repeat. Thanks.

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ladypit May 03, 2007

In my Eastern European history class this past semester we had an Eastern European cooking day. I made some ҆opsky for the class. Everyone who tried it loved it and it really did not last very long at all. I added the vinegar and sugar dressing to it and I think it was a nice touch. My teacher asked me where I found the recipe and I told her. She is from Bulgaria. She lived there most of her life and is now teaching here in Oklahoma. She told me that this salad comes from a region in Southern Bulgaria (so in Bulgarian the name would like this: Шопски). That would explain why it has such a greek feel to it, because Bulgaria's southern border is with Greece and Macedonia. She also told me that next time I should get Bulgarian Feta cheese. She said that it does not have the strong smell like normal feta cheese. A little place in there in Norman imports the cheese, so I do not think it would be to hard to find some wherever you may be. Thanks for putting the recipe up here. Like I said, everyone loved it.

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okiedude July 22, 2005