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I had sopapillas in New Mexico recently and craved them when I got home. I found your recipe and made them. I actually made the dough in food processor which was awesome and easy. I refrigerated it for several hours and made them after dinner. I actually went and bought a small fryer from walmart just to make these. They were so awesome. I sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top and they were so good. They were like a big fluffy doughnut. Everyone enjoyed them. This recipe is a keeper, thanks!!

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JeannieG September 03, 2013

Oh wow...these were wonderful!! When we lived in El Paso, TX many years ago, we would frequent a restaurant that had the best sopapillas. Since moving away, we were always in search of a restaurant with sopapillas that were as good...no such luck. Well, now I can make them at home whenever we are in the mood for them. Thank you for sharing this delicious, quick, and easy recipe...it is definitely a keeper!
**Made for ZWT 8 Mexico/ Tex Mex "Remember the Alamo Challenge"**

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Bayhill August 12, 2012

This recipe goes straight into my best-of-the-best file!! Amazing!! Thanks to your posting of this recipe, my daughter and I were able to re-live our Sante Fe trip, when we would order sopapillas with every dinner (not the healthiest, but hey they are SO GOOD). The recipe was simple to prepare, the directions were written perfectly and the outcome is so darn tasty. We topped our with honey and then a heavy sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. YUM!! Gracias. Made for ZWT8 Mexico/Tex-Mex/SW regions.

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LifeIsGood August 12, 2012

These are totally delicious! I tried to cut the oil and chose not to cut into triangles, but to cook the round dough in a lesser amount of oil in a deep skillet. They didn't puff up as much as deep fried sopapillas, but were delicious anyway! Enjoyed with cinnamon sugar and honey. Made for Photo Tag!

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breezermom September 22, 2011