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This dish rates all 5 stars based on so many factors: ease of preparation, use of common ingredients, beautiful presentation, and it's done in a flash. I used a salsa (homemade) in which the main ingredients (chopped tomato, red onion and parsley) were visible which enhanced the beauty of this dish when the packet was opened, unlike some salsas which are more saucy. Plus the freshness made it that much nicer to taste. I didn't bother to thaw the corn out; I just put the frozen kernels on the foil and it worked just fine. NOTE: I used a very spicy salsa as well as put the chili powder in the rice and I found it quite "piquant" (my nose was running!) but still very flavorful. DH thought it was perfect (he likes things hot and spicy), so you may want to experiment with what you know works for you and your family. If you use jarred salsa, you could use mild on some and hotter on others as well as omit the chili powder in the rice for some and add it for others...so versatile! I would have no reservations serving this dish to company, but be sure to have something "cool" for dessert!

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Floofies July 18, 2008

Absolutely fantastic! I'm on a no-sodium/low-sodium diet now, and this is the best meal I've had so far.I cut the recipe down to one serving for myself. I made this as written except for the rice. I used Texmati rice and added a little diced onion and tomato to it while it was cooking. I will be eating this again - for sure! Thanks.

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HEP MEP October 16, 2004
Sonoran Shrimp