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We've made these 3 times. First time for just the 2 of us to try it. Loved them. Invited a neighbor couple and sat outside while I fried the hot dogs on the grill side burner. They loved them so much they made them for some of their friends. Last night I made them for 8 people--we entertained some young relatives from out of town. I cooked them outside in an electric frying pan. Then I put the ingredients, in order, in a row on the counter with a little place cards giving the step number and what to do. They all had a great time and everyone loved them and everyone ate every bite. It seems like a lot of bread, but one especially nice thing is that the juices run down into the roll and make it very tasty--so you don't get a mouthful of dry bread.

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ReedieMCM65 January 31, 2013

Made this same recipe for a party of 6 people. Two of the men, traditionalists, preferred to have hamburgers instead. The other four folks ate up two each and they were big. But I just love these. They are a hit for friends, something different that is not too complicated. Plus your friends can pitch in putting them together. Great recipe.

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faithebrennan July 08, 2013

My husband put these together tonight--he saw them (or something very similar) on Man vs. Food. They are incredibly delicious, and I don't generally care for hot dogs. We didn't use guacamole because we didn't have any and couldn't find it at our local store, and we used a can of diced tomatoes and green chiles, so we didn't use salsa verde. We also used turkey bacon. We will no doubt make them again sometime.

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Joellen1972 January 04, 2012

saw these on Diners, Drive-Ins and DIves and had to try 'em for myself. All I can say is WOW!!!! A completely different taste from a regular hot dog. We love 'em and will continue to make them for a year 'round taste treat. Can't wait to try 'em on the grill!

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Ma Field March 09, 2010
Sonoran Hot Dog