Sonoma Chicken Salad

Total Time
10 mins
10 mins

Whole Foods bugged me when they seriously raised the price of this already pricey chicken I've been really working on the recipe for awhile...determined to not have to make a special trip for the best chicken salad ever! I think I'm pretty close, sub out pecans for walnuts and you'll nail it right on the head. One tip on making the chicken for chicken salad. I don't like boiled chicken-too blah. I like to cook a whole chicken in the romertoff and slough off the liquid for my chicken stock for the week, then pull off all the meat. I'll use 1/2 the meat for the chicken salad and the other 1/2 for my fabulous tortilla soup.The chicken is much tastier, cheaper, plus you have three meals in one.

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  1. I put everything in a big bowl and use 2 big spoons to"toss".
  2. Cover and Refrigerate.
  3. Good for up to a week.
  4. Enjoy!
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This recipe is just about there. Add a touch of honey to tie it all together.

3 5 why would you replace pecans (which should be toasted by the way) with walnuts? Other than that you're spot on. IMHO the chicken should be grilled if at all possible. We also coat the boneless chicken breasts with Paul Prudomme's Blackening Rub before grilling on the Q. The crispyness plus the crunch from the toasted nuts really improves the mouth feel and makes it taste great days later. I believe this recipe did not originate with Whole Foods but was brought over when they bought out Mrs. Gooch in the 90's

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Turned out very good. Used left over rotisserie chicken. Used almonds instead of walnuts.