Somali Tea

Total Time
1 min
15 mins

I really like this recipe and it's authentic. It comes from my mother-in-law who is from Somalia. Very aromatic and relaxing tea.

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  1. Boil desired amount of water in tea pot. Add tea bags using a good tea to water ratio.
  2. Smash green cardamom pods* and add to tea. (I couldn't add this to the list for some reason).
  3. Then add grated ginger and 1 cinnamon stick
  4. Let steep for about 10-15 minutes in pot.
  5. Serve with milk and sugar to taste.
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I used 4c water & 4 spoons of black tea leaves. I used fresh ginger. I only used 4TB sugar & that was plenty sweet enough for me - I can't imagine using a full cup! Very delicious tea. Made for I've saved all these recipes! & African Recipe tag 3/12.

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I made this for my sister and I with rice milk to be dairy free. I used powdered ginger as I wasnt sure what this recipe called for. I simmered the spices in the water for 13 minutes and then added the tea bag which I simmered for 4 additional minutes as to not be an overly strong tea. Then I tasted it and felt the spices had not much permeated the drink probably because they were not fresh so I added some ground cinnamon, ground cardamom and simmered the tea a 1 1/2 minutes longer without the tea bag. The tea was excellent with white sugar and milk in the said amount. (That is Somali tea) I will be making this again.

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I enjoyed this lovely, spiced, sweet tea very much. I used honey in place of sugar to bring out the individual flavors of the spices. The tea is very refreshing and calming. Thanks for sharing Brittany.