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There was a topic in the Community Forum over Spam a short while ago, and it started make me hanker for some Gelantous Goo!. Didn't really care for this, didn't like the Spam steamed, it really shouldn't have been cooked covered as recommended, but than that method is desired in order to cook the potatoes. I would suggest the next person that makes this to add a mixture of brown sugar and spicy brown mustard spread it across the surface and than broil it after the potatoes are cooked(for we found it quite bland also). Wasn't stated but used unsweetened pineapple juice, perhaps heavy syrup would have made a bit of flavor burst> Thanks for posting Bill!

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lets.eat August 16, 2005

I was short on time so I microwaved this for 20 minutes. It was simple, but good. A 3-star recipe the way I did it, so I'm guessing it would be 4-star made in the oven (crispier). The sauce was nummy. I would add some spices next time.

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Literary Mom June 29, 2005
Solo Spam and Pineapple Casserole