Solar-Powered, Sun-Brewed Iced Tea

Total Time
5hrs 1min
Prep 1 min
Cook 5 hrs

Do your part to "save energy"! Make some passive solar-brewed iced tea. Mix-n-match your flavors according to your own taste buds!

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  1. *Early in the day*: fill a gallon jar with water, tea bags and honey; cover and place jar out in a sunny spot.
  2. Remove from outdoors, shake jug to be sure the honey is well-mixed; remove tea-bags (these can go in the compost).
  3. Place jar in fridge to chill (well, duh!).
  4. Serve over ice cubes or just chilled.
  5. VARIATIONS: If you're using unflavored tea bags, you can add a flavor by adding several (or fewer) drops of your favorite flavoring extracts to the finished tea: raspberry, orange, blackberry or a combination.
  6. MONEY-SAVING HINT: Leave the honey out and let everyone add their own sugar when they're served.
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My husband and I love this especially in the summer. We don't like sweet tea so we leave the honey out.

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Added 1/4 tsp baking soda (seems to take away some of the bitterness) and some lemon juice and lemon slices. Easy and fun to make.

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Liked the honey, needed to be a bit stronger, so next time I will add a few more tea bags. Used this to go with "Honey Raspberry Iced Tea". Thank you for nice addition to my afternoon break!