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I follow this recipe exactly using my KitchenAid mixer. I measure carefully and I've never had to make an adjustment. The dough pulls together very well and is easy to handle. I weigh the entire dough ball in grams and divide it by 15. I roll each round into a 5-6 inch circle and dry fry in my cast iron chicken fryer on the stove top. We eat so many of these I decided that portion control was in order! Thank you for the great recipe.

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kahansen July 05, 2013

This is a great recipe and produces soft wraps unlike a lot of other recipes I have tried.

I was a bit concerned when I tried to stir in the boiling water as it formed a stiff dough, not easy to "Stir". Also the "Whisk the other ingredients" has a similar result and just produced a powder. When I mixed the two together (in a food mixer) I had to add a small amount of water to get it to a dough. Also it didn't rise much if at all when I left it for an hour.
However it turned out great.
Instead of rolling eight wraps to 8 inches I rolled them out as thin as I could and produce more like 16 great wraps.

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tonywright October 28, 2012
Soft Wrap Flatbread