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I have been using a recipe from a competitor site with over 2000 reviews and this recipe kicked it's butt! It's SO easy and the cookies came out so delicious. I didn't change a thing and they were perfect. The amount of cookies this makes per batch is perfect, as well. I will just note some things I think are important in all cookie baking: butter or shortning should be at room temperature, naturally - no microwave. Eggs should be at room temperature, as well. Thank you for this easy, awesome recipe!!!!

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Teegrainca February 10, 2009

these REALLY ARE are good! I doubled recipe after reading the reviews, but ended up only using half. So one batch is PLENTY! Iced with store bought vanilla frosting and holiday sprinkles. These were perfect for halloween cut-outs. I tinted the dough orange. Will make again using same additions. TY for posting. (7-8 minutes cook time for my oven and they do look/feel undone but cook more once left to sit on pan).

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Shabby Sign Shoppe November 01, 2008

These were just delicious. The blend of butter and shortening give these the best that each has to offer in baking - an pillowy texture from the shortening with a nice crispy exterior from the butter. (Though nice and crispy, I did not have any browning at 7 minutes but the cookies were perfectly done. Would suggest going with time, not color for best results.) I was a little worried because my dough was not nearly as soft as the recipe implied but the cookies were perfect. Should also mention that the dough on this was much easier to work with than other sugar cookies. Thanks!

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justcallmetoni February 10, 2007

I am giving this 3 stars because the taste was pretty good. However, the batter kept breaking up when I made it and it crumbled terribly. I had to add another 1/4 of butter (1 whole stick) and it make it easier to work with. However, the cookies came out really hard no matter how undercooked I made them. If you like hard cookies this is the recipe for you, if not then I would try recipe 81367. Those came out light fluffy and just soft enough

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roceliaj1118 March 29, 2014

These cookies are so good & super easy to make. The time she gave to cook these is spot on. The cookies stayed soft until they were gone. My hubby loves sugar cookies but I hate making them cause they are so time consuming. Thank you.

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Oribell October 10, 2011

This is the recipe I've been trying to get for years! My dad's secretary us to make these cookies with your frosting every holiday and I looooved them. My toddlers love to help mix and decorate them (though I pay for the sugar rush every time. haha). You are awesome! Thank you!

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MissAli November 06, 2008

Great cookies. Easy to make and easy to eat! I cooked mine 6 minutes , about 1/4 inch thick and used a glass to cut them. Made 2.5dozen. I used the icing recipe you posted and my cookies look as good as the picture. Thanks!

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iglowforyou February 15, 2007
Soft Rolled Sugar Cookies