Soft Maple Sugar Candy

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READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by spiritussancto

for some reason my favorite candy has become almost impossible to find in my area! i haven't tried this yet but i have a shiny new candy thermometer and i'm not afraid to use it! this is supposed to be the crumbly, crystallized type you see in maple leaf shapes that melts when it hits your tongue, not the hard candy you suck on. did you know maple syrup is high in calcium? you don't need the coffee filter, it just wont let you enter a recipe with one ingredient

Ingredients Nutrition

  • maple syrup (as much as you want, i'm going to experiment with a cup or two, must be the real thing!)
  • coffee filter


  1. heat maple syrup to a temperature of approximately 32-34oF above the boiling temperature of pure water (212 degrees F at sea level).
  2. pour the syrup into a flat pan or trough and allow it to cool undisturbed to at least 200F but not less than 160°F.
  3. stir until the syrup is soft and plastic.
  4. pour or pack it into molds. Molded candies commonly set up in 10 to 30 minutes. Candies formed by pouring rather than packing will have an attractive glazed surface.

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