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I love this recipe. The only thing I did differently was to use unsalted butter because that is my personal preference. These have a wonderfully crispy chewiness to them all bundled in one cookie. It's a win-win at our house since we have varying preferences when it comes to sugar cookies. I have rolled them, but it is a tedious task and they grow quite a bit in the oven (so be warned!) Thanks for posting!! :D

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The Domestic Diva December 24, 2013

This recipe was pretty easy to make and the cleanup wasn't too bad either. My only problem is, it kind of tastes like a snicker doodle but this recipe is more of a light and flat sugar cookie. The snicker doodles I remember would rise up and not-out, as for this recipe would fall and spread out. It's still taste nice though.

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Ashley K. March 12, 2015
Soft & Chewy Sugar Cookies