Soft Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 12 mins

This is a very old recipe I got from a friend and have been baking them for years (and one of my favorite comfort foods!) The bigger the spoons of dough, the bigger the cookie, the less yield specified. Bake a bit longer if you want big cookies!

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  1. Cream first 4 ingredients, add the premixed dry ingredients. Add the beaten eggs one at a time, rolled oats and raisins last. Roll in balls and flatten a bit or drop by spoonfuls onto parchment lined baking sheets. Bake @375 for 12 minutes.
  2. I always soak my raisins when making cookies. This way the don't take any moisture from the batter. Soak them for 15 minutes in the hottest tap water possible, drain the excess.
  3. I noticed someone had trouble getting these out of a pan? These are cookies, not bars, so bake as directed on parchment paper if they stick -- I just use good quality non stick pans and never use Pam or any lubrication.
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If I could have given a 1/2 star I would have. I wanted soft and chewy; I got dry and tasteless! This recipe was a real dud!

cmhelms2 May 11, 2016

Tried this recipe and loved it. Here is a few tips for those without a well stock kitchen on hand an inverted baking pan can be used in the absence of a cookie sheet, also if you don't have parchment paper grease area lightly and lightly dust with flour, cookies can be removed immediately with ease using this method

chrissypink September 20, 2011