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Very cute. I made these for my daughter's birthday class treats. Everone loved them. I used three large marshmallows, white almond bark, string licorice for the scarf, mini m&m's for the buttons and eyes, orange gummy slice cut up for the nose, and a mini chocolate donut for the hat. I used colorful drink stirs for the stick.

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5hungrykids April 14, 2010

I made these for my 2nd graders Christmas party last year with a couple revisions. I thinned the almond bark with shortening until it was good dipping consistency (maybe up to 1/2c?). I placed 3 large m-mallows on a skewer and dipped them in the white bark. I let it get set, then placed a small m-mallow on top and dipped it in melted dark chocolate to make it look like a top hat. I dipped to just go over the edge of the 1st large m-mallow. Then I piped the face and three buttons down the front of the middle m-mallow. They turned out pretty cute and all the kids just loved them.

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Brandyberry December 01, 2007

what a adorable idea, I am going to make these for my cookie trays. Thanks susie.

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faith58 November 18, 2007
Snowman Bouquet or Pops