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I found that this pudding turned out a little bit watery...not all the water was absorbed by the minute rice originally, so I didn't add any juice from the strawberries. It took longer than 2 hours to chill, and was much better after cooling than at room temperature. I used light cool whip instead of whipped cream. Slicing the strawberries into tinier pieces would be useful to better stay on the spoons!! Great dessert though!

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jellie February 20, 2003

Mysterygirl, this is a fantastic company dessert!! Too late in the season for fresh strawberries, so I used peaches, I think almost any fruit or berry would work well. I toasted the almonds and instead of putting them in, I sprinkled them on top, looked great. Very impressive served in a wine glass with peach slices over the edge and the toasted almonds on top. It would be even more impressive with fresh strawberries, oh well, next year. Unlike any other rice pudding i've ever made,sumptious!!!and quick too. Thanks for sharing.

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Derf October 12, 2002
Snow Mountain Rice