Snooty Modern French Toast

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 10 mins

Old-style French toast is too decadent to fit into most diets, especially them snooty Frenchmen. So here's my favorite way to make my cake and eat it too. I use Arnold's 100% whole wheat, which soaks up the mixture beautifully and, with each slice having 90cal, 3g fiber, and 4g protien, means two slices stack up pretty well against your favorite health cereal.

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  1. Spray and begin heating a nonstick skillet on med-high.
  2. Whisk together egg whites, spices, vanilla, sugar (if using) and milk in a bowl or small dish.
  3. Slice your bread however you desire.
  4. Dip and soak your bread until most of the mixture is absorbed (it should be a little soggy).
  5. Cook bread slices on the skillet, flipping two or three times, until nice and crispy on the outside. This may take up to 4-6 minutes per side, since the bread has absorbed more than normal french toast bread.
  6. Put banana slices on top of bread, and, if you feel like adding the calories, a bit of maple syrup.
Most Helpful

We all enjoyed this even DH who doesn't like whole wheat bread very much. I served banana smoothies along side so I topped these with strawberries and kiwi. I liked them drizzled with honey, our 6 year old liked them as is and DH and the 9 year old liked maple syrup. Fruit syrup would be good with these too and so would yogurt. Thanks for posting, I'll be making these again.

Ilysse January 06, 2008

We enjoyed these for sunday brunch - served it with a little dab of cool whip in top. it was delicious. Cheers: Akeejelly

seashellecho August 28, 2006

Just Lovely! I made one serving for myself. And the 1 slice of bread was filling! The bread was moist I`m sure from all the milk. I don`t own a non-stick pan so I had a touch of trouble with it sticking, no big deal. Used fresh grated nutmeg which came through strong. Topped with banana and blueberries and just a touch of syrup. And that`s all you need if any just a touch. Love the fact that this was under 200 calories and tasted so yummy!

Rita~ August 24, 2006