Sniffle Buster Tea

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Recipe by Roosie

Another tea from the book "Herbal Teas". The ingredients sound kind of strange, like stuff you would expect to see in the ingredients for a chicken recipe rather than a tea recipe, but it tastes really nice. Fennel helps expel mucus accumulations and soothes coughs and throats. Ginger is warming and helps relieve colds, coughs and flu symptoms. Rosehips are extremely high in vitamins A, E, K, P and especially C. One cup of rosehips has as much vitamin C as 150 oranges! They're also very rich in bioflavinoids and help ward off sore throats and colds. Sage is calming and helps of easy lung congestion, making it very useful for colds and flus. Thyme is very good for throat, broncial and lung disorders and has antispasmotic, excpectorant and sedative properties and is a strong antiseptic and germicide. If you would like to make this a dry mix, you could use 1 Tbs each dry ginger (the bits, not the powder) and dried orange peel- this will increase the servings to 18.

Top Review by UmmBinat

This is very good. Although I didn't have the rose hips. I agree with Sharon123 that it tastes slightly medicinal but that is good and well. I'm drinking this with a slightly sore throat and it is soothing with creamed honey to taste. I did add a slice of lemon after straining the rest of the ingredients to add more vitamin C especially since I did not have the rose hips in there. I will make this again.

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  1. Combine all ingredients, using one tsp of combined herb mixture for each cup of tea.
  2. Pour boiling water over herbs, ginger and orange slice.
  3. Steep 10-15 minutes, strain and serve hot with honey or lemon, if desired.

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