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These cookies are delicious just the way the recipe is written here.

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ondrea_koser December 15, 2012

These are delicious cookies! Hands down, my son's favorite cookie. I will say that the dough makes way more than the 36 little Snickers bars will allow. When we ran out of Snickers we just made plain peanut butter cookies with the remaining dough. YUM! I am so NOT a crunchy cookie person and these come out nice and soft and chewy. Absolutely perfect from my perspective. I also refrained from the powdered sugar dusting at the end. They are plenty sweet enough on their own. Really exceptional cookies. Thanks for sharing! One not so minor detail, however. Your temp is way off... at 325 after 12 minutes I still had dough. I had to bake the first batch 18 minutes. At 375 I baked for 14 minutes and they were fine.

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GSCook December 15, 2008

These were really delicious, though I thought they got stale pretty quickly. Luckily, they disappeared in a few days. The yield is totally wrong. I used more than 1 T of dough for each cookie because the caramel leaked out if I used only 1 T -- and I still got 60 cookies out of the recipe. I used almost 2 full packages of mini Snickers (the 11.5 oz size package) for the cookies.

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wife2abadge January 28, 2008

i had a lot of fun with these cookies. first i got almost 4 doz out of this recipe. and i am sure i used more than a TB of dough on a lot of my cookies. i didnt have snickers so i used left over easter candy. like carmel and pb ect filled choc eggs and after those ran out i found what ever other little chocolatey treat i could find and wrapped it up. so it was a suprise to eat one and find out what was inside. the cookie itself was ok. it was nothing special but it wasnt bad. the fun part was the suprise inside! also i didnt dust them w/ powdered sugar since they were sugary enough.

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sprue April 15, 2007
Snickers Surprises