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These were really good! I don't know why I doubted they would taste like Snickers when so many reviews said they would- and they really do! I used a 9x13 pyrex casserole to make these in- heavily sprayed with butter flavor PAM. I put it in the fridge between layers. These did not stick to the pan at all for me- and the fridge let the layers set up just fine. The ONLY thing I did differently was I had to use evaporated milk for the whipping cream. I had sent my husband to the store with the ingredients list, and he thought heavy whipping cream was Cool Whip! I had no other substitute. It worked out just fine and tastes fine, also. Thank you for the recipe! Very yummy!

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ThreeFish February 24, 2010

I had so many compliments on these!!! Everyone said I should make my own candy bar, they thought it was really neat when I told them they were homemade Snickers! I had recipe requests rollin' in the next day. I found that instead of freezing every layer I just put in the fridge. It sets up just enough and the different layers stick to each other better because its not too cold. Work fast when spreading the caramel, it sets up quick against cool marshmallow filling! Thanks ;)

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Rollin in the Dough! December 21, 2009

Super yummy! I split the recipe between 2 Hefty EZ Foil loaf pans (8x3.375x2) and lined w/parchment paper. The whole thing came out easily and then I cut into bars. They are very close to tasting like a Snickers, but I think they taste much better and more decadent. There is some effort involved, but as everyone else stated, it's worth it!

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laughingdogs July 26, 2009

I have used this recipe for years now. I found in a Taste of Home magazine. They have a delicious homemade flavor that cannot be found in the "candy" bar version. The only problem I found is once they get warm, they are messy...however they usually do not last long so it is not much of an issue.

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BethR December 09, 2009

I got alot of compliments for this recipes. I added this to goody trays for this past Christmas. For cutting purposes, I found it to be easier to cut the colder it was. Also, I highly recommend keeping this refridgerated as long as possible prior to serving. Thanks for the terrific recipe!!!

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Johnsdeere January 15, 2011

Warning: It takes major self-control to not eat the entire batch of these Snickers, one yummalicious bite at a time. Be sure to have friends and family present to help you enjoy them! Hint: Their bottom layer stuck to my cake pan, so next time I plan on lining it with Reynold's Release non-stick aluminum foil. Then once the Snickers are set up, it's simply a matter of inverting the entire panful onto a cutting board and peeling up the foil.

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Deb's Recipes November 09, 2004

Absolutely wonderful! I have made these several times, and my hubby & kids can't get enough. I have changed the recipe slightly as I have made it several times. I do not use the butterscotch morsels and just add an additional 1/4 cup of milk choc.morsels, and chunky natural peanut butter instead of creamy. I also have substituted the jarred caramel instead of dealing with the squares. I also use parchment paper for easier cleanup. And there have been times that I have put chopped and whole honey roasted peanuts together, instead of chopping them all. A++++

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JJTYELLA August 31, 2013

How many deadly sins are there because I just may have commited one--ate 1/2 recipe. Makes about 3 pounds and used a smaller pan...wanted them thick. Softer than the real McCoy, but still fabulous.

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gailanng September 17, 2010

These are great!! It was really humid at my house so I kept them in the freezer, they are just as yummy cold!!

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Laura Charlonne April 05, 2010

My new "go to" dessert. This was every bit as good as all the reviews stated. I, too, feel as if it taste better than a Snickers. I sprayed my 9x13 Pyrex with butter flavored cooking spray. They did not stick AT ALL!! This recipe, although a little more time consuming than the 30 minutes referenced, is simple and delicious and worth every minute of the effort. Freezing not necessary, but refrigerating them does make it easier to cut and prevents them from loosing their shape after being cut. This is one of those recipes that EVERYONE wants after they have tasted it.

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staceytz23 February 03, 2013
Snickers Candy Bars