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I made this as directed using 2 smallish bananas and a french vanilla yoghurt and honey, the DM and DS thoroughly loved it as a dessert (I don't care much for bananas) and would certainly like to try it using other fruits such as peach, apricot or mango and what is even better no guilt feeling knowing they were having something nice, tasty and healthy. Thank you Sharon123, made for Rookies tag game. I have since made this using frozen mango (tip cut into small pieces and freeze on a tray and then bag if not using straight away - I put the cut pieces into a container and froze and ended up with a solid mass which took a fair bit of processing to get a smooth consistency), and we all though it tasted delicious though not as creamy in texture as the banana but well worth giving a go.

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I'mPat July 27, 2013

What a delicious ice-cream! My sis and me really enjoyed it on a warm afternoon. :) I added about 1 ts of honey not because I needed the added sweetness but because of the extra layer of flavour it provided. YUM! All I had was soymilk so I used that in place of the yoghurt and it worked out very well.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this winner with us, Sharon!
Made and reviewed for my chosen chef during Veggie Swap #46 May 2012.

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Lalaloula May 04, 2012

This was refreshingly cool, creamy, delicious and indeed a great way to get some nourishment when your appetite is lacking. The consistency is comparable to a soft sorbet. I used low-fat vanilla yogurt instead of the plain, increasing it to 1/3 cup. I found I did not need to use the honey. The banana and the yogurt made it sweet enough for my tastes. To make this easier to blend, I suggest when freezing the bananas you flatten them down - much easier on your blender. Made for Everyday Holiday Tag-Jan'10.

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Sweet PQ? January 13, 2010

Perfect creamy healthy banana ice cream for breakfast ir anytime during the summer. DD1 (5 years old), DD2 (15 months) and I loved this! I use organic unhomoginised yogurt & organic, raw local honey. I didn't have any alcohol free vanilla on hand one time And it was stll good, maybe the vanilla the second time was better but both are perfect healthy ice cream. I will make this again and recomend it. Origanly Made for Veggie Swap #49 ~ August ~

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UmmBinat May 07, 2013
Sneaky Banana Breakfast Ice Cream