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This is a tasty recipe for stuffed small red tomatoes. I've used both cherry tomatoes and Campari tomatoes in this recipe and both make a delicious appetizer or light lunch. I am still unsure as to why this recipe says it is for tomatillos when it is obviously for small red tomatoes of some sort. Tomatillos are not a type/variety of small red tomatoes, they are a completely different varietal of the fruit (and yes, tomato varietals are fruits not vegetables). And while I'm sure some recipes exist, I've never seen one that uses raw tomatillos for anything. Tomatillos (little green tomatoes in a green papery husk) are pretty unpalatable when raw. (In green salsas, tomatillos are roasted and then pureed.) Just a little info that might help to clarify; not intending to tick off anyone! :-)

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sudenkorento13 August 22, 2016

Oh my! These are so delicious! I prepared about 1/2 recipe and used small tomatoes called Red Delights. I did as one reviewer stated and blotted the inside of the tomatoes with a paper towel. Instead of serving as an appetizer, I had these as a side with a pan grilled pork chop for lunch. Since is it wintertime and a snowy icy day to boot, I did not have fresh corn or tomatoes to use and they were still delish. I will definitely make these often and cannot wait till summertime to use fresh produce. The stuffing mixture was so good I could just eat it right out of the bowl :) It would also be great as a dip! Yummy! Thanks Tinkerbell!

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Bobtail January 30, 2010

NEEDS TO BE COOKED! I really liked the *idea* of stuffed-tomatillos, but eating them raw/cold just didn't sound good... My version: I added 2 chopped fresh jalapenos and bacon-bits (best if REAL bacon) to the filling, and baked at 375 for 20 mins, just until tomatillos were cooked. Allow to cool at room-temp for another 20mins ... EXCELLENT! Best to use smaller tomatillos.. large ones are very juicy and soft you will need to eat with a fork.

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shannon.reichert December 02, 2009

5 stars and more for ease of preparation, cost effective beautiful appetizer and one that tastes heavenly as my DH told me as he scarfed down his 2nd one! The only hint I'd give is to blot with a towel the inside of the tomato to help with the juices... I used Campenelle tomatoes which were a perfect 2 bite size for these treats. Made for your Summer Spectacular Secret Ingredient Win June 2009 in the Cooking Tag Games forum! :)

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HokiesMom June 28, 2009
Snappy Stuffed Tomatillos