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WOW!!! I made this mix to take to our neighborhood pub that does a free hotdog set-up for the patrons on the weekend, and everyone is welcome to bring a dish to pass. I brought this. My GF (the pub manager) placed this into many bowls up and down the bar rail, and it was gone in no time! I made this "almost" as written with a couple minor changes (subs). First let me say that we can still get Bugles here in Illnois (one of my favs), but I could not find the Cheez-Its in White Cheddar. So I got the regular Cheez-Its and then 2 - 6.6oz bags of "Flavor Blasted Wild White Cheddar" Gold Fish crackers to sub with (the mix looked so dang cute). And I did not use mixed nuts, just cashew halves (that's what I had in the pantry). I thought that 2 cups of the oil would be over doing it a bit, so I scaled back to 1 1/2 cups. It was fine, but all those snacks really soaked it up... FAST. I used the paper bag method (which also soaked up a bit), so probably the 2 cups is the way to go. Nice flavor to this snack mix. It was enjoyed by many and I have the recipe saved. Thanks for posting. (Made for PAC 2014)

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rosie316 May 06, 2014

This is a great snack mix. I had to take a couple of liberties with the recipe, the "Junk Food Gods" have decided we no longer need Bugles in Saskatchewan, so I had to sub some corn chips. Corn chips are heavier than Bugles, so if you have to use them you will want to add more than the recipe calls for. We can't get Cheez-Its here either, so I used 2 other bite size cheese crackers. I make another snack mix to give at Christmas & that recipe also called for oil, but I use butter & did so here as well, it just adds so much to the flavour. I had to leave the nuts out this time because of a nut issue for one of the people who will be eating it tonight. I will include the nuts next time. This is another keeper that I will be adding to my Christmas gift recipes. Thanks for posting it Connie! Made for PAC 2011 Spring

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Demelza March 18, 2011
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