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Very simple and low fat way to prepare cube steaks. I dusted mine with a little corn meal and flour to assist in crusting of the meat. I then added less flour to the skillet to make the gravy. I was almost out of white wine but substituted chicken broth for the balance to make the mushroom gravy. Please note that the ingredient list is INCOMPLETE. If you are going to prepare, please see Directions number 4 for the balance of the ingredients. If you like mushrooms, go heavier on the mushrooms as 5 will not be near enough. I used about 12 large mushrooms. Remember, they are 90% water so they shrink up a bunch. Adjust recipe to suit your tastes. Enjoy! Jim in So Calif

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Chef 565650 Jim May 27, 2010

This was easy and delicious. Thanks for a great recipe!

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puppitypup November 16, 2006

Vicky, this was very delicious! I have had a difficult time trying to find a mushroom/steak recipe that didn't require onion soup mix or cream of mushroom soup-until I found your recipe. Marinated the beef for a good seven hours. Didn't know when to add the Italian seasoning or the garlic powder, so I added it at the same time as the mushrooms. Sauteed the mushrooms alone with the deglazed mixture for about 5 minutes or until the mushrooms were softened but still slightly firm. We are always on the lookout for cube steak recipes other than chicken fried steak and this worked out quite well for us. Thanks. cg

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COOKGIRl October 16, 2006

It was esier that I thought and will be made on a regular basis. I love steak and I love mushrooms, so this is a winner for me! I did ad a bit more garlic; love the stuff! However, I did more than just brown the steaks on each side. I'm not sure you really meant to say that they just need to be browned. Unless of course, you like your beef to Moo at you! :) Thank you for posting this. Lee

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Nana Lee April 28, 2006
Smothered Cube Steak With Mushrooms-N-Gravy