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I am always looking for microwave recipes as we are on the road for work a lot. I halved the recipe, and the garlic was a bit overdone. Even so, the taste was very good. Next time, I may pull the garlic out early.

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Chef by Chance September 14, 2007

This is OK, but there are a couple of things to know... The chicken doesn't garner much flavor in the microwave and would look naked without the paprika; it's really the "sauce" that pulls this together. The veggies and garlic get super soft, blend easily with the mayo and lemon juice to make a thick sauce. Could easily be thinned with a little water, more lemon juice or broth. What really suprised me was the garlic though and that, to me, is the gem of this recipe... in 15 minutes you have super tasty "roasted" garlic without much fuss at all! I would love to play with microwave times to do the garlic alone since I doubt it would take quite that long. Anyway! Good quick recipe. The sauce and garlic are definitely the keepers here. Through the sauce over lentils, beans, fish, chicken, pork, whatever! It would easily adapt to any protein for a quick and nutritious main dish.

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rsarahl September 06, 2007
Smothered Chicken