Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 10 mins

If done properly, these will be kind of like a fried egg sandwich on French toast (sort of). I can't believe my family's apparently kept it a secret for so long. :)


  1. Melt a small amount of margarine in a frying pan large enough to hold two slices of bread.
  2. Crack each egg into the frying pan as you would for fried eggs, but make sure they are far enough apart for the next few steps to work properly.
  3. Place a slice of bread on top of each egg and "smoosh" it with a spatula.
  4. Flip each egg and slice of bread over into the smooshed egg residue in the pan to coat as well as you can.
  5. Flip eggs and bread back over until your eggs are as done as you like them.
  6. If needed, flip them back over to the bread side until it starts looking kind of like French toast, and there is no raw egg left on the bread.
  7. Salt and pepper eggs to taste.
  8. If you wish you can put the two halves together to make a sandwich.
  9. Add more margarine to the pan as needed to avoid sticking.
Most Helpful

This is great for one of those mornings when you are rushing to get out of the house. I made one slice, but made sure I covered the "un-egged" side with melted margarine so it would brown up nicely. I still prefer plain old fried eggs and toast separately, but this is much quicker and tastes very good. I'm sure I'll be making this again on busy weekday mornings! Made for Everyday is a Holiday tag.

breezermom December 17, 2008

I really enjoyed this quick and simple breakfast, I only made the one and on the recommendation of breezermom I buttered both sides so when I flipped the other side browned up nice and crisp and the yolk was runny and gooey just the way I like it, thank you Ransomed by Fire, made for I Recommend tag game.

I'mPat November 01, 2012

This was unlike anything I've heard of before! We liked it pretty well- Maybe I will cook it slower on medium heat next time b/c the eggs got a little rubbery. I'll definitely try these little babies out again ;-) Made for Spring PAC '10. Update: Okay, I made this again this morning- cooked it on medium heat, took Breezermom's advice from a previous review and buttered up the other side of the bread (and I used sourdough this morning). YUM! Turned out great!

Photo Momma April 03, 2010