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This is good!I decided to wrap individual servings in individual partially cooked large cabbage leaves. I cut a V in the core end of each leaf. Dropped in boiling water for 3 minutes, cooled in ice water, dried. I put a tblsp of Smoky Zu-Vocado Salad in the leaf, folded end and sides up to make a roll. Tied with white string, put in greased casserole dish, made six servings. Sprinkled 1 packet Splenda in a a 12oz can of tomato sauce and poured over the top.Baked covered for 35 minutes 375. You can use Little Smokies with cheese also but cheese will leak out if you cook with the zucchini, so add to the pan for a few minutes only. This makes a "Stretch meal" for 4 this way and serve with hot crusty bread. I made again as a Salad and served with warm rolls. Excellent recipe! You are talented!!

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Montana Heart Song January 20, 2007
Smoky Zu-Vocado Salad (For One)