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I couldn't get a creamy spreading consistency no matter how much I beat it, and I doubt that's possible without heating the cheeses to melt the cheddar. I tried just gently warming in the microwave. When that didn't work, I put everything in the top of a double boiler and gently warmed until blended. What I'd suggest for making this, if you want a creamy texture and not bits of cheese suspended in spread, would be to combine the cheeses and warm over a double boiler until just melted and blended, then remove from the heat and cool slightly, then add the other ingredients. I would also suggest starting at 1/4 teaspoon of liquid smoke and increasing it if you want more -- 3/4 gives it a degree of smokiness that steps on the other flavors somewhat, I think. That's a matter of taste, though, and the flavor combo of this spread is great. It also seems like it could serve as a good jumping-off point for other flavors that go well with cheese: for example, a fairly strong beer and some whole-grain mustard instead of the liquid smoke and garlic and tabasco. I'm going to have fun experimenting with this one!

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Mary the Disturbed Stick Woman December 06, 2009

I loved this!! Cream cheese dips are my weakness & this was a good one!! I will definitely make it again.

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Doglover61(aka Earnhardt) November 29, 2004
Smoky Garlic Beer Cheese