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Reviewing this for ZWT III. Since it's a recipe made for a group - we had a group and my review is based on an average rating per guest. We had 12. Some loved it - some really didn't like it at all - all based on taste preferences. For myself - when serving a group in a backyard bbq setting, I love recipes like this. Make ahead and let everyone make their own burgers up. The one thing I'd change on the recipe was the amounts listed for the Chipotle Aioli. You could very easily cut the amounts in half and still have way more than enough. I'll probably do again but with some changes.

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Beautiful BC July 07, 2007

Man, what a busy burger! I decided to start early in the day with condiments and slicing of vegetables, and I'm glad I did, because it took me almost all day to finish. I loved the Aioli, but DH didn't. Bacon turned out perfectly, and I loved the maple flavor added. Guacamole was a nice touch as well. This takes some time, so it's not something I'd make often, but would definately wow guests! Great job!

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ColCadsMom June 24, 2007

yes, definiatly a messy burger.. Obviously making a truely regional American burger is rather hard in whilst living the Netherlands,but I did my best to stick as close to the spirit of the recipe as possible. The result was fire-y and fresh at the same time, I used bottled japelenos for the heat and LOTS of cilantro/coriander and onions and garlic to balance it out. I used a little liquid smoke in the BBQ sauce and since I made seperate meals for fussy kids and DH who didn't fancy burgers when I had all the ingredients ready ...and the light was fading I rushed to get a photo, presentation isn't quite at it's best... sorry about that. Please see my rating system: 4 stars for a great burger .. one that is messy to eat but worth the effort. Thanks!

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kiwidutch June 15, 2007

Definitely a fork and lotsa napkins kind of burger. This can get messy to eat. But making it was pretty easy. Wonderful blending of spicy and sweet flavors. I used buffalo burger because that is what I had on hand. I could not find any maple sugar so I used regular brown sugar. It worked well. What a wonderful, delicious, easy and mess-less way to fix bacon. I will make it this way again! I only made 1/4 of the recipe since there were only 3 of us to eat it. I made a 1/2 order of the chipotle aioli and am glad I did because I used a lot of this flavorful spread and will keep the leftovers on hand to used again. Sassy and saucy is right. You done good! This one is a keeper.

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Alskann June 14, 2007

Quite a mouthful of flavors that compliment each other in a very delicious way! The Aioli is a golden creamy sauce that could be used on salads or veggy dip or chip dip,it's that delicous! It is wonderful on this burger. Making the components for the condiments went quickly once everything was assembled. The make ahead makes for fun in the kitchen while hanging out with family and friends and everyone making their contribution. It all goes together quickly with the blender. Recommend this recipe!

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Pastryismybiz June 04, 2007

Sassy is right! Whewweee made this and I was running around from the delightfully Sassy - ie - ness of this burger. Had everything on hand~(I lOVE hot foods) Since my vegan sons were here too, I added some of the toppings and fixing's to their vegan burgers, Made the aioli using grapeseed mayo, (this mayo is very similar to regular mayo) and added all the bacon, cheese etc to the rest of the carnivore side of the family. This is terrific, and will most certainly be making this again. Thanks ! Made this as a part of ZWT3 07'

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm June 04, 2007
Smokin' Hot, Sassy, Saucy Southern Burgers With Attitude!