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Outstanding!! I used a mixture of sausages--mild smoked sausage, polish kielbasa, and andouille. I left off the bread topping and don't think that anything was missing by doing that. This dish is very seasoned, hearty and we feasted on it for a few days. I personally liked the use of sage, rosemary and nutmeg. Very different. Thanks.

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FruitLoop December 21, 2002

Excellent, very easy to prepare. The first look suggested prep time to be too long, however it is not and the finished dish is worth the effort.

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D J September 21, 2008

This was a fairly easy dish to pull together, and I had all the ingredients on hand. I liked the way it looked, BUT (and its just me I guess, because my son and husband liked it enough to finish what was on their plates) the smell turned me off. To me, the sage and cloves smelled like a Christmas tree was cooking in my oven. I just couldn't get past that smell! I'm sure its just me and my own really sensitive nose, because it rates well w/ others! If I were to make this again, I would omit the spices, and just use more garlic and maybe instead of all the beans(I love Northern Beans!), I would use pasta. But then it would be an Italian meal, not so French!

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MemphisMommy April 26, 2006

This was very tasty! I scaled the recipe back about 1/3 to serve 2, and found that 1/2 lb of thinly sliced turkey kielbasa was sufficient. I also adapted it a bit to be a 1-pot stovetop meal, for simplicity's sake. I used a large nonstick Caphalon sautee pan. I tossed in the sausage, leeks, garlic and apple; then added the remaining ingredients after about 10 minutes and simmered it all for about 20 minutes or so. The stock and olive oil were unneccessary, and I subbed apple cider for brandy and cloves (had neither). I also skipped the topping. It was really good!

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sheepiedog November 05, 2005

I kept putting off making this recipe because it required a little more time than I usually spend on a meal. I finally made it tonight and I am glad I did. It does take some work but well worth it. It is a great comfort food which reminds me of the French countryside. I did use about 50% more rosemary and the smell was to die for. Next time I serve this will be with a great crusty bread, a fruit and cheese plate and a great chardonnay.

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Debby H January 24, 2005
Smoked Sausage Cassoulet