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This was outstanding, we were both raving! DH said it was too pretty to eat, but when he tried it, he nearly got ecstatic. Will make this again often! Thanks for sharing this winner!!<br/>Made for CQ 2014

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Mia in Germany September 07, 2014

Five stars for ease of preparation. Five stars for the visual impact at the dinner table. Had it two weeks ago when Kiwidutch made it for dinner. It?s a keeper. I shall be making this at the next available event.

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption August 07, 2012

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! We were starving and late home and tired and I still managed to make this in 30 minutes... we didn't bother with chilling it, we just piled the salmon into the middle and ate it with the potatoes, fresh green beans and hard boiled eggs warm. I had no clue what was meant by "vinegrette dressing - bottled red wine" and didn't have my favourite French dressing made up in the fridge so just used some Fair Trade Balsamico "Splash"and a good portugese oilive oil drizzled over the top. Mighty Good Indeed !!! The supermarket was out of capers when we did the shopping last week and niether DH or I like onions raw, so they didn't get included, but wow, these were very minor omissions and the rest was so fresh and delicious that they weren't missed. Best of all was the visual effect, this dish looks stunning, so much so that a large plate of this will be at each end of my buffet table when we do a big double birthday party next weekend. Please see my rating system: 5 brillient stars for a healthy salad that is more than "just salad", you can add your favourite dressing and just enjoy enjoy enjoy! Amazing too as a quick but company worthy dish, or a weekday meal in a hurry, how versitile is that? Brilliant !!! Thanks!

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kiwidutch May 03, 2008
Smoked Salmon Salad (Nicoise-Style)