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Could be a really excellent dish. Needs some careful balancing. The sage + slightly browned butter + garlic yields a flavorful butter: probably it's best to taste this before proceeding. The salmon is already salty, so just a few pistachios is plenty. The whiskey and lemon can be doubled, and stirred in at the last moment. <br/>Not a simple recipe, in a way, because the six or seven ingredients have to all be judged right. The cheese + black pepper makes this a cousin of cacio e pepe, which I have posed on this site.

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James Elkins July 16, 2013

We enjoyed this very much, but thought it was lacking something. I used about 8 ounces of spinach linguini and an 8 ounce package of cream cheese. Everything blended beautifully together, but DH and I both felt that it needed something. I ground the pistachios pretty finely because DH is not a nut fan. Don't get me wrong, it really tasted good, it was just alittle too bland for us.

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Boca Pat March 02, 2005
Smoked Salmon in Creamy Whiskey Sauce over Pasta