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good ribs

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dizzy65 January 07, 2013

Made this on my charcoal grill using lump charcoal and hickory chips. Cooked the meat over a drip pan in between two mounds of coals. Added new charcoal along with the chip packets every hour to keep the fire going. Finished with peach habenero bbq variation of the sauce from Apricot Habanero Short Ribs basted on at the last half hour and again right before taking off the grill. Final cooking time was about 4 hours and they were delicious with a great smokey flavor but not quite as tender as I had hoped for so I give 4 stars.

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sbera007 August 29, 2011

I tagged this in PAC, and didn't realize in the rush to grab a chef that this recipe must have been written for a gas grill! I made it for a charcoal grill. First I tore off the connecting membrane on my rack of ribs so they would fall apart easily and be extra tender. My ribs marinated in the marinade for about 6 1/2 hours. I basted them with the marinade during the first 2 hours of cooking, then quit so that any residual marinade would have time to cook. I didn't add barbecue sauce, since that wasn't called for in the recipe. I didn't put my wood chips in foil because I used a charcoal grill, instead I soaked them for 24 hours, then threw them onto the coals when it was time to cook the ribs. I cooked the ribs until the meat shrank away from the bones, per Papa D's instructions. I expected a more Asian taste, because of the smell of the marinade. However, I could only detect a faint taste of sesame oil. I did heat up some barbecue sauce for serving. These turned out wonderfully tender and delicious! Pull apart tender...no knife needed! So glad I adopted Papa D! This rib recipe is fabulous....way above restaurant quality! Made for my PAC baby for Spring 2010! So glad you posted this fabulous recipe!

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breezermom March 28, 2010

Love the flavor and that they fall off the bone.

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btleighton August 25, 2009

Wow! This is so good. It falls off the bone and taste delicious. It takes a while but if you are home and have the time it is so worth it. Great flavor, I used mesquite wood chips. Added a touch of barbecue sauce the last 15 minutes. Served it with Baked Beans Dressed for Dinner and Potato Salad by Syd for a great meal. Thanks Papa D for posting. Made for PAC spring 08'

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teresas April 12, 2008
Smoked Ribs on the Grill