Smoked Pork Shoulder (Smoker or Pit)

Total Time
1hr 30mins
Prep 1 hr 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

This recipe was given to me by a friend of my DH's who smokes pork shoulder, we have had it many times in the past and is so good I just had to post the recipe here on Zaar! --- Although it is not necessary to use the injector flavoring, the process adds immense moisture and flavor creating the ultimate insurance for a perfect pork shoulder roast! If you have a flavor injector needle from a Showtime Rottiserie oven then use it to inject the roast with the apple juice mixture, it will work well, inject the mixture using 1/2-ounce per pound. You do not have to use all of the rub, refrigerate any leftover rub for the next use. Cooking time will depend on the size of your roasts, which will be 1 hour per pound at 225 degrees --- recipe by Chris Lilly/Big Bob Gibson's

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  1. Mix all the spice mixture together until combined.
  2. In a bowl whisk together all the injector mixture until the sugar and salt is completely dissolved.
  3. Remove the roasts from the fridge.
  4. If using the injector liquid, inject the COLD two roasts all over with the liquid (using 1/2-ounce per pound).
  5. Gently pat/coat the roasts all over with the dry rub making certain to adhere the rub well into the meat.
  6. Let sit out for 1-1/2 hours at room temperature after injecting and coating with rub.
  7. Cook on a pit or smoker for 1 hour per pound at 225 degrees.
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This was absolutely 100% excellent, I have smoked only beef in my H2O smoker like brisket and beef ribs, I wanted to try pork. The 10 LB pork shoulder I used was for easter, I smoked it at 215-225 F for 4 hours then tented it and put it in the oven for 6 hours at 225 F. I used calamansi juice in the injection instead of apple juice and re-injected in the large muscle parts just before putting it in the oven, I also swapped the amount of brown sugar and white sugar to give the meat a better crust.
This it one I will use again and again, THANKS ;)

LogicallyLocked April 25, 2011

I have a cookbook with this recipe and it is indeed as the last reviewer stated Chris Lilly's recipe. This recipe is great and I would advise anyone who love real barbecue to take the time to try it. It takes alot of time and love but is well worth it. Chris Lilly has won alot of competitions for best pork shoulder with this recipe. The book I have is "PEACE LOVE AND BARBECUE" by Mike Mills another BBQ champ. I love to smoke meat and this book will be a great addition to anyone who knows how to BBQ or wants to learn. There is alot of secret recipes and is a very good read. Thank you KITTENCAL for posting this recipe it is a good one.

BBQ MIKE January 20, 2009

We did this recipe for Memorial Day. We had a 10lbs pork shoulder and it was beautiful. I did take the skin off but left as much of the fat cap as possible. We did the rub and then injected the shoulder with the liquid. We have a large bbq slow cooker. It's just for doing large thing like this or a huge amount of ribs. Anyway we put the roast in to the slow cooker for about 12-14hrs and then left it to cool while we did something else for the meal. When we took the shoulder out it was so moist and tender I could pull it apart with my hands. I couldn't believe how flavorful it was. It still had a good crust of the rub on it and the inside was just running with juice. I will definitely be making this for many more pork shoulders AND RIBS. We had some rub left so we used it on the ribs we made and they turned out just as good as the shoulder. THANK YOU for a great recipe.

redwine48 May 31, 2010