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Used this recipe for a Fresh Turkey Breast at Thanksgiving, It is EXCELLENT....I cooked it on a Webber Kettle Charcoal grill with hickory wood added to the coals, about 3 hours of smoking time. I have to cook another for Christmas. Bank the charcoal on one side of the grille and hang a couple of foil curtains to divide the grille into thirds, coals on the small side of curtain and the meat on the large side, position lid vents over large side, smoke and heat will go under the curtains, put a thermometer in the top vent to keep tempeture in the 350 range. technique can apply to fish, fowl, pork, beef or peppers when you want a smoked version.....Jim

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D J December 29, 2007

Actually I found this recipe for DH and he prepared the turkey. He had some difficulty in the kitchen locating the proper spices. He used a rosemary and garlic blend instead of the rosemary and garlic. After making numerous incisions in the meat, he had some of the onion mixture left over and he rubbed it over the turkey. The turkey was about 12 pounds and only 1 full onion fit in the cavity. His smoker is a charcoal smoker and the turkey cooked for 6 hours over the hot coals. We refrigerated the turkey overnight and then today warmed it at 300 degrees for about 2 ½ hours. It was a beautiful brown, moist and tender. Something I hope he will do again.

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PaulaG December 24, 2005
Smoked Holiday Turkey