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This was phenomenal on the gorgeous King Salmon my DH caught. I made the brine as directed but added a couple of T of garlic salt, let it sit for 24 hours and then we hot smoked it for 2 hours using applewood chips. AMAZING flavor and texture! Thank you Mama!!!!

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under12parsecs July 06, 2011

Lovely! DH caught his first fish today (a gorgeous 2lb steelhead trout), & thanks to your old family recipe, it tasted supreme. We cut the brine time to a few hours, but it had soaked enough flavor for our taste, since we enjoy the hint of freshwater flavor. If you want to eliminate more "taste evidence" of where the fish came from, you should definitely soak it the full 12hrs, as the recipe calls for. After soaking, we tried two different herb/spice rubs. Both used coarse ground pepper and sea salt (we pushed one granule into the center of each piece of fish). One rub used tarragon, basil, and marjoram, the other used curry powder and coriander. Both were fantastic when blended with the smoke flavor. Also, we used maple wood from our tree that we had to cut down this year, along with store-bought wood chips made for the grill. I'd like to experiment with different types of woods to see which has the best taste. Ours certainly brought pleasure to our palates!

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Kimberly Annette May 31, 2008

same brine mix i use,but i add garlic and onion powder.

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williealbert October 03, 2007

Great and simple recipe. Brined 4 trout for about 12 hours, probably could have cut the recipe in half for that amount of fish. Put them on the pellet smoker at 150 for about 5 hours.

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El Ted PE June 22, 2014
Smoked Fish ( Brine Recipe and Smoking Directions)