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Yummy! I used garlic powder, dill, salt & pepper. These were so easy, I will definitely make them again and again! Thanks for a great way to make potatoes

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Island Girl 525 April 24, 2010

Loved this method.....used kosher salt and cracked black pepper....then decided to add a bit of garlic powder and a little season all. We will definitely be making these again!

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Michelle Figueroa June 20, 2011

Yummo, crispy, crunchy & just awesome..I topped mine with a little ground salt & pepper & some chives from the garden..

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**Mandy** April 02, 2013

What a creative way to serve taters! Once I had boiled them, instead of using a potato masher, I put them on a plate. Then with another plate of the same size, I lightly "smashed" them to perfection! Instead of olive oil, I sprayed them wtih a butter-flavored cooking spray, sprinkled with salt and pepper and topped each with a pinch of fresh parmesan cheese. Baked for about 20 minutes, they were very impressive!

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DuChick May 05, 2011

Who knew that there was another entirely new delicious way to prepare potatoes! I discovered this method when one of my friends served this as a side dish. These potatoes have an awesome flavor, even with just a few simple ingredients. My friend served them without the herb topping, simply brushing them with the olive oil, and sprinkling kosher salt and cracked fresh pepper on each one. She 'smashes' each potato with a folded cloth napkin using the palm of her hand. I have made these several times since that dinner and they have always turned out well. I had to guess on the temperature and time, as she didn't mention that part, so it's nice to use this recipe as a reference. If I don't have a clean cloth napkin, I use a clean pot holder to smash the potatoes, as I don't want to use a kitchen towel, and risk transferring little hairs. Next time I make this, I might mince a clove or two of garlic, mix it with the oil, and brush this on the potatoes prior to baking. Thanks for posting this recipe, as I think it's such a delicious and elegant side dish to serve.

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Leilani February 25, 2010

Boom! This was PERFECT! Thank you so much! Better than the Cook's Illustrated method I've used. I think boiling the taters gives them the best flavor. Used small yukon golds and the recommended cayenne-carrway-cumin and the spice mixture was amazeballs. I smooshed the potatoes between two clean cloth napkins for the best control.

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lolablitz October 22, 2013

These were so easy and so flavorful. I used two medium sized baking potatoes as that's what I had and Instead of boiling first I used the microwave and that worked great - then I used fennel seeds, then followed the suggested herbs with an added sprinkle of cayenne pepper as DH likes a kick to his food. He also topped his with some butter and a little sour cream. Me, I had mine as directed and loved it. Such a flavorful side to the baked tilapia I'd made to serve, this is going to be used often and is open to such a wide variety of spices. Thanks so much for posting.

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Bonnie G #2 September 20, 2012

Awesome recipe! My husband's addicted to baked potatoes but I'm kinda over it right now... It seems like every meat & vege meal I make these days has to have baked potatoes... yawn!! This recipe is a great alternative & so easy! They look really effective too! I spooned over some crushed garlic, chopped rosemary & sprinkled with lemon pepper & salt. They were wonderful. Thank you :)

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Bondnz August 13, 2009

wow the real star of our dinner party! they were a huge success, everyone wanted more. and the recipe. the touch of cayenne was perfect with the other herbs and spices. I will be making them again and often, they turned out lovely and crisp and sooo tasty! I used olive oil to drizzle on them before roasting. It was great to be able to make them the day before and have them ready to roast for the dinner. I used tiny new red potatoes. Thanks for posting !!

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Derf June 29, 2009

Smashed potatoes might be my favourite way to enjoy potatoes and these were great! I normally fry my potatoes after boiling them, but loved baking these. They turned out great! Super crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Potato perfection!

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anniesnomsblog March 01, 2016
Smashed Potatoes