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These are some good taters! We omitted the bacon, and used real butter, but otherwise made as directed. You can't really tell they are low-fat and healthy when compared with regular mashed potatoes. (Buddha couldn't... teehee).

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2Bleu April 04, 2008

I eyeballed the ingredients and it turned out great! I scaled the recipe down just a bit. Thanks for a yummy potato dish!

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Sharon123 December 07, 2008

This was great! Next time I plan to use a little less milk or sour cream. Came out a tad bit runny for my liking. Great flavor and easy to prepare. The yellow potatoes really do make the dish yellow. Made as posted and this makes a lot at least 3 servings. Thanks for posting.

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teresas May 22, 2008

4 stars ! I chose this recipe to make in PRMR Zaar cooking Game becuase we DON'T have non fat milk or sour cream here in Nl and I wanted to see if it could be still be achieved with things that I DO have. With this in mind I took a stick blender to some cottage cheese until it was a smooth paste and then added a tiny amount of water to thin it just a tad more. I didn't use the margarine or chives but did use real bacon, patting it well with papertowels to get as much grease off it as possible. Once combined, you really couldn't taste that it was a lower fat potato dish and even better, I loved it ! Please see my rating system: 4 excellent stars for an easy to make, tasty and healthier potato dish that I will be making regularly. Thanks!

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kiwidutch April 13, 2008
Smashed Loaded Potatoes (Low Fat)