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This was excellent, LLBunny! And easy, easy, easy! And versatile! I used a mix of fresh herbs - basil, flat-leaf parsley, marjoram an a bit of rosemary. Everyone loved it as a dip on bruschetta. Then a few days later, I took some of the leftover and stuffed some crepes triangles with it and a dab of feta as an appetizer. Excellent! Then a few days after that, I used the very little bit of leftover as a vinegrette - just added more olive oil, some good balsamic vinegar, and voila! A lovely vinegrette-type sauce for my grilled, stuffed zucchini rolls (which were an entree for a vegetarian dinner I made). Big hit with my vegetarian friend, who demanded the recipe. Thank you! Will be doing this again and using it as lots of different things. I'll bet it would be great stuffed under the skin of chicken breasts, or rolled up in phyllo, or...(lol)

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P4 August 27, 2003
Smashed Kalamata Olive Dip with Garlic and Herbs