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I made these today for my kids and a bunch of friends. They were a big hit and the kids didn't seem to notice that they are "good for you". I was out of canola oil so I used olive which is a bit too strong of a flavor. Next time I'll definately make sure to have the canola. I also thought I might incorporate some peanut butter next time. I found that the dough was pretty crumbly and hard to press into the balls and then remembered a trick I learned in a vegan cookbook...wet your hands a little before rolling the balls. Worked like a charm! Thanks for the great recipe, it's definately a keeper.

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chefingwithchefmama1 May 21, 2009

Great recipe! I accidentally forgot the oats, but they still came out great. Nice and fluffy. If you sub dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet, you can really pretend they are good for you :)

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MissingWhiteWings August 12, 2009

A yummy chocolate chip cookie, but personally missed the taste of butter in them. The cinnamon also threw the flavor for me quite a bit.

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ange du soleil June 18, 2009
Smart Cookie - the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!