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i have always used neck bones in my sauce but this is a much easier version...i always had a traditional meat sauce..lot of work..never thought of just having the neck bones in it. YUM!!! THANKS!!!

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cinda37379 January 18, 2006

Delicious and impossible to screw up! The store was out of neck bones so I used Ox Tails. It was cheap and delicious!

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Stillsodamnpoor December 20, 2009

11-13-13 This is so easy and so yummy. The only messy thing is picking the meat off the pork neck bones, something that does NOT bother me. Many would probably just leave the meat on the bones. I did add an extra step of BBQing the neck bones just for color before pressure cooking them. Could have done something the same by browning them in the pressure cooker [I just did not want to add more oil to brown this normally pretty fatty meat and in grilling, it drips away]. Used the slow natural cool down release as I was doing other things.<br/>Added a 24 ounce jar of marina sauce to 2 pounds of pork neck bone meat [will use at least 3 next time since they are only 99 cents a pound at Vons], a couple of over-ripe tomatoes, 1 huge tomatillo, a shallot, 1/3 cup chopped fennel, 1 huge carrot chopped in 6 pieces, and a cup or more of the pork cooking broth. I had also grilled a green bell pepper with the meat and roughly chopped and added [pulled off a little of the lose skin but not much of it]. Added a few slices of Fresno chili, a tsp of Mexican oregano leaves, and a tsp of fennel seeds roughly chopped. I had 8 or 10 green beans and added them also. To the cooked pasta, I added about ¼ cup grated Parmesan/Romano cheese. Seasoned the cooked sauce with a little salt and pepper to taste [none had been added before now]. Added 3 ladles of pasta sauce to cooked pasta and the balance was used on top of the pasta with a generous sprinkling of dried cheese above. YUMMY! Served with grilled garlic blue cheese bread.

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Chef 565650 Jim November 14, 2013
Smart Alec Pork Neck Bones Spaghetti - Pressure Cooker Style