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I made this as a gift to my neighbours who had a hard week and needed cheering up after attending a difficult funeral. They know about my rating system and had the following comments: "the hubby said that he would have given it a 3 becuase while the bottom was nice enough he felt that the topping wasn't sweet enough, his wife said that she liked it more that way and would have given it a 4... she definiately liked it a lot more than he did" So, since I am on a strict elimination diet to pinpoint allergies and couldn't try this myself, I will do what I usually do when the votes are divided: give the benefit of the doubt and go for the higher of the 2 ratings. Therefore this recipe scores 4 stars. I did follow the recipe to the letter, and I used peanuts. I wasn't certain if they should be whole or not, so pulsed 2/3 of them in a food processor so that I had a few finer bits and mostly small chunks and combined that with the other 3rd of the peanuts that I had left whole. My Reviewers liked it very much that way. Thanks !

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kiwidutch June 17, 2006

Delicious! I used a 8x11 pan and it came out fine. Cooked a little longer.

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-Sheri- June 09, 2006

Amazing! These are great little squares! The bottom gets all cooked together and is only slightly crumbly. Then there is a crunchy row of peanuts (the only kind I had on hand). Just above, and kind of among, the peanuts is this amzing gooey "foam" covered by a delicate crust. This is going on my "must make at LEAST once a month" list. Thanks for posting!

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Saturn June 05, 2006
Sma Tartor